Consulting Services

To accelerate the successful completion of your next precision automation project, let Advanced Motion Concepts assist you.  From metrology systems to wafer inspection, we have the engineering experience to deliver a system that exceeds your specifications.  Our understanding of system-level issues is the key to developing a complex motion system or a complete machine.  We have worked with a wide range of motion technologies and products and understand the subtle issues that often determine final project success.

Our precision motion technology expertise:
• Mechanical Bearings, Air Bearings and Flexures
• Leadscrews, Ballscrews, Linear Motors and Piezo Actuators
• Stepper or Servo Controls Including Galil Motion Control and Delta Tau Data Systems
• PWM or Linear Amplifiers
• Rotary Encoders, Linear Encoders, Laser Interferometers
• Single Axis to Gantry Configuration
• Vibration Isolation Systems

Related design expertise:
• Custom Granite Assemblies, Kinematic Mounts
• Steel Weldments, Machine Skins, Pneumatic Systems
• Optical Systems, Vacuum Chambers

Our consulting services:
• Precision Machine Design & Analysis using Solidworks & Autodesk Nastran
• Specification Development & Review
• System Error Budgeting
• Conceptual Design
• Project Management
• Rapid Prototypes & Custom Systems
• System Integration & Testing
• Verification of Supplier Testing & Source Inspection

Below is a small but varied list of the projects we’ve worked on in the last 20 years:
• Air bearing based metrology system using laser interferometer and Delta Tau controls
• Non-contact double sided metrology system for disk drives
• 300 mm non-contact, magnetic property metrology system for MRAM
• Semiconductor circuit edit machine
• Non-contact thickness measurement machine
• Next generation digital x-ray machine
• Second generation 300mm wafer loader
• Non-contact wafer end-effectors for semiconductor industry
• Redesign of a vacuum based precision wafer transport
• High performance, space certified, linear feedback device
• Monolithic X-Y flexure design for electron microscope
• Mechanical bearing gantry to be used as flexible work platform
• Open frame air bearing system
• Air bearing inspection platform for flat panel industry
• Air bearing assembly platform for optical components
• Air bearing platform for laser thermal processing
• Air bearing for 300mm semiconductor inspection